Chapter Members

officer Samantha Brown

Samantha Brown


I joined Alpha Gam in fall 2018. I have a passion for dance, swimming, basketball, and helping others.

  • Faculty: Kinesiology/Education
  • Major/Minor: BKin/BEd combined degree
  • Why Alpha Gam?: I love the wonderful community and support network I’ve gotten through Alpha Gam as well as the chance to take on leadership roles within the sorority.
officer Danielle Burrill

Danielle Burrill

Director of Property

I joined chapter in fall of 2015. When school is not taking over my life I enjoy Netflix, crafting, going on hikes and hiking across convention floors. Don’t get me wrong though, I love my university and work as a Senior Peer Advisor with InfoLink, helping my peers with questions and directions. When I’m not doing any of that I’m volunteering with CASA and YRAP.

  • Faculty: Arts
  • Major/Minor: Double Major Psychology & Sociology
  • Why Alpha Gam?: I joined alpha gam for the community and instead I got a family. My sisters have been there through it all and because of their strength and support I’ve grown into a confident leader knowing they’re there to catch me if I fall.
officer Leanna Cheng

Leanna Cheng


officer Kora Davis

Kora Davis



officer Breanne Duguay

Breanne Duguay


Hi, name is Breanne Duguay, and I am in my fourth year. I joined Alpha Gamma Delta in Fall 2014. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my Alpha Gam sisters, friends, and family.

  • Faculty: Arts
  • Major/Minor: English & Drama
  • Likes: Dancing, Acting, Writing
  • Why Alpha Gam?: It was honestly the place that I felt the most comfortable in during recruitment. I love all these incredible women I am able to call my sisters.
officer Kristen Fiddler

Kristen Fiddler


officer Elena Foote

Elena Foote


officer Paige Fox

Paige Fox


officer Rebecca Fung

Rebecca Fung


Hey, my name is Becca! I joined Alpha Gam in 2016. I love playing sports, notably basketball, soccer, softball and cheer.

  • Faculty: Criminology
  • Likes: Sports, Snowboarding, LOL
  • Why Alpha Gam?: I've always struggled to make long lasting friendship as I've always moved around. I was born in Edmonton, moved to Burnaby and now i'm back here. I'm very glad I made the decision to put myself out there.
officer Alexandra Gottschalk

Alexandra Gottschalk


I joined Alpha Gam in my second year. My passions include cross country skiing, bouldering, and watching psychological thrillers.

  • Faculty: Science
  • Major/Minor: Double Major Psychology and Biology
  • Why Alpha Gam?: I love the fact that I have an amazing group of girls there to support me! I joined chapter with the goal of becoming more active on campus and meeting new people. Through Alpha Gam, I have had the opportunity to meet so many diverse, interesting peo
officer Emma Haslam

Emma Haslam


officer Mariam Hosseiny

Mariam Hosseiny

VP Event Planning

officer Sophia Hurst

Sophia Hurst


I joined Alpha Gam winter of 2019, I am an avid horse lover, reader and wannabe adventurer. I enjoy teaching kids how to ride horses and how to care for them in my spare time.

  • Faculty: Arts
  • Major/Minor: History and Classics
  • Why Alpha Gam?: I felt an instant connection with the girls I met on coffee dates and knew that this group of girls would be my home away from home
officer Kennidi Jewell

Kennidi Jewell


Hey! My name is Kennidi and a fun fact about me is that I have been skydiving!

  • Faculty: Elementary Education
  • Why Alpha Gam?: I get to experience a whole new group of people and the campus does not seem as big anymore. These girls have really helped me become more accustomed to university life and I am so glad to have the support that comes with being in this community.
officer Claire Kulchitsky

Claire Kulchitsky


Hello! My name is Claire and I am in my fourth year! On campus, you can find me studying in Rutherford or standing in the never-ending abyss which is the Tim Horton’s line-up.

  • Faculty: Elementary Education
  • Likes: Rainy Days, Coffee Dates, Romantic Comedies
  • Why Alpha Gam?: Whether you need someone to laugh with, a shoulder to cry on, or someone to make a pizza with, sisters will always be there for you!
officer Rayven Landry-Doran

Rayven Landry-Doran



officer Kassidy Levey

Kassidy Levey

Director of Ritual

I joined in fall 2018, and couldn’t be happier! I love dance and music.

  • Faculty: Arts
  • Major/Minor: Psychology
  • Why Alpha Gam?: Everyone is so supportive, and I’ve never experienced such acceptance anywhere else. Alpha Gam is my home away from home.
officer Janaé Logan

Janaé Logan


Hey, my name is Janaé! I grew up in the northern rural hamlet of Wabasca (a very small community, in fact, my grad class was 15 students!).

  • Faculty: Nursing
  • Likes: TBA
  • Why Alpha Gam: These women are amazing, caring girls that are always there when you need them.
officer Ashley Louis

Ashley Louis



officer Kalley Lynett

Kalley Lynett


officer Kaylin Lynett

Kaylin Lynett


Hey, I'm Kaylin! I initiated into Alpha Gam in November of 2016, and it's one of the best decisions I have ever made. You can find me at the nearest Starbucks watching The Good Wife, and dreaming of having the resilience and poise of Alicia Florrick.

  • Faculty: Faculté Saint-Jean
  • Likes: Politics, Cats,
  • Why Alpha Gam: Being a full time Campus Saint Jean student, I was nervous at the beginning of the year that I would not have the advantage of the broad networks at Main Campus.
officer Maria Millan

Maria Millan


officer Rachel Mills

Rachel Mills

VP Philanthropy

officer Cassandra Morigeau

Cassandra Morigeau


Hey! My name is Cassy and I am in my second year of nursing. I am very proud of my Métis heritage and like to volunteer for round dances and other parts of the Métis community.

  • Faculty: Nursing
  • Likes: Laughing, Swimming, Horror Movies
  • Why Alpha Gam?: With such a diverse group of women, it was very easy to find people with similar interests to me and I quickly realized why many of my sisters called Alpha Gam their home.
officer Ashley Nelson

Ashley Nelson


officer Jessie Nicholls

Jessie Nicholls


Hey, I'm Jessie! Joining Alpha Gamma Delta was the best decision I've made this year.

  • Faculty: Science
  • Likes: Running, Travel
  • Why Alpha Gam: I wanted to find an amazing group of sisters who have would give me a home away from home.
officer Cindy Ou

Cindy Ou


officer Azra Panjwani

Azra Panjwani


officer Kristina Pappas

Kristina Pappas


officer Rachel Papulkas

Rachel Papulkas

VP Recruitment

officer Marina Pinto

Marina Pinto


officer Briena Rivera

Briena Rivera


I joined Alpha Gam in fall of 2018. I love to snowboard, I've danced my whole life, and still miss it always. I currently volunteer at a local elementary school in an after school club.

  • Faculty: Education
  • Major/Minor: Elementary Ed
  • Why Alpha Gam?: I joined and love Alpha Gam because the women have such big hearts and everyone is real and genuine at all times. I felt immediately welcomed and comfortable right away in meeting the girls. There's never a dull moment with Alpha Gamma Delta girls!
officer Emily Ropchan

Emily Ropchan

VP Academic Excellence


officer Emma Ross

Emma Ross

VP Marketing

I joined Alpha Gam in Fall 2017 and it has been an amazing journey since then! When I'm not manning our social media I am volunteering for the Rebel Legion, an international Star Wars group that raises money for children's charities, as Princess Leia! I also love sewing my own costumes and learning new costuming techniques. Side note: do you know how hard it was for me to find a photo of me not in costume? Very hard.

  • Faculty: Human Ecology
  • Major/Minor: Clothing, Textiles and Material Culture
  • Why Alpha Gam?: I joined in second year because I felt like I was lacking a sense of place on campus, and I'm so happy that I have found my home for my collegiate years and beyond! Alpha Gam has also allowed me to grow and take on leadership roles I never expected t
officer Rhea Sherman

Rhea Sherman

VP Finance

officer Kimberly Trepanier

Kimberly Trepanier


I joined Alpha Gam in the fall of 2019. I volunteer with children in the public school district to provide classroom aid. Hobbies include collecting vinyls and finding new music.

  • Faculty: Education
  • Major/Minor: English and Social Studies
  • Why Alpha Gam?: I love Alpha Gam for the diversity. I appreciate all the different people that Alpha Gam has and the fact that there is always somewhere you can fit into. No matter what you will find people who you can rely on in Alpha Gam.
officer Janell Uden

Janell Uden


Hi, I`m Janell! I am from Kamloops, BC. You may recognize me off the TV show "This is High School", or from my swimming career!

  • Faculty: Science
  • Likes: Running, Studying, Hiking
  • Why Alpha Gam?: I believe that women need to stand strong together and I have never had a sister before and now I have too many to keep track of.
officer Brooke VanderKooi

Brooke VanderKooi


I am a lifelong fan of the Oilers, and have played competitive sports my entire life. I love spending time with my little cousins, reading and going out on the lake. After graduation I plan to attend law school to work with children in the foster care system, specifically those with an Indigenous background. I am a VP on the Aboriginal Student Council, volunteer at an animal rescue and work with underprivileged elementary school children to show them their future opportunities at the U of A.

  • Faculty: Arts
  • Major/Minor: Sociology and English
  • Why Alpha Gam?: I moved from Calgary to go to the U of A and decided to join a sorority in my second year of University. There is something so incredibly unique about being a part of a group of women who genuinely want the best for one another, and I found that here
officer Ashtyn Wadden

Ashtyn Wadden

VP New Member Experience

officer Alyssa Yesu

Alyssa Yesu



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