Executive Council

officer Kaylin Lynett

Kaylin Lynett


officer Emily Ropchan

Emily Ropchan

VP Academic Excellence

officer Rachel Papulkas

Rachel Papulkas

VP Recruitment

Hi, I'm Rachel! I'm currently in my second year. I hope to one day publish a book, and see myself on the big screen. Also, if you're ever in need of a good book recommendation, I'm the one to ask!

  • Faculty: Arts
  • Major/Minor: Psychology & Creative Writing
  • Likes: Writing, Acting
  • Why Alpha Gam?: I've created lifelong bonds with my sisters. It has become a new home away from home, and I can't wait to see where this journey takes me next!
  • Contact: agd.dk.vpnewmember@gmail.com
officer Rhea Sherman

Rhea Sherman

VP Finance

Hi there! My name is Rhea, I'm a third year from Campus Saint-Jean! I have served on the Panhellenic Council and I am currently a Team Facilitator for Week of Welcome on campus!

  • Faculty: Faculté Saint-Jean
  • Major/Minor: Computing Science & Economics
  • Likes: Figure Skating, Tea, Knitting
  • Why Alpha Gam: This organization has given me so many opportunities and it is filled with truly incredible women who will accomplish great things in life!
  • Contact: agd.dk.vpacademic@gmail.com
officer Ashtyn Wadden

Ashtyn Wadden

VP New Member Experience

officer Mariam Hosseiny

Mariam Hosseiny

VP Event Planning

officer Emma Ross

Emma Ross

VP Marketing

officer Rachel Mills

Rachel Mills

VP Philanthropy

Hey, I’m Rachel and I’m in my third year. I hope to one day inspire positive change in the world around me through my interest in international conflict resolution and humanitarian initiatives.

  • Faculty: Arts
  • Major/Minor: Political Science & Sociology
  • Likes: Tea, Corgis
  • Why Alpha Gam?: Every sister would do absolutely anything to be there for her sisters, to celebrate them in times of success and to support them in times of weakness. I am so grateful to have so many amazing women by my side to inspire, motivate and uplift me every
  • Contact: agd.dk.ritualdirector@gmail.com
officer Danielle Burrill

Danielle Burrill

Director of Property

Hey, I’m Danielle and I am in my third year! I think the coolest thing about me is that I’m a total nerd; if you want someone to talk Doctor Who, Sherlock, or many other shows with, I’m your gal!

  • Faculty: Arts
  • Major/Minor: Psychology
  • Likes: TV Shows, Journaling
  • Why Alpha Gam?: My amazing sisters are some of the most supportive and caring girls you’ll ever meet and they’re a big part of how I survived my first year.
  • Contact: agd.dk.vpfinance@gmail.com
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