Executive Council

officer Kaylin Lynett

Kaylin Lynett


Heyyo! My name is Kaylin. A little bit about me: I a proud cat mom and plant mom . I am a huge country music fan (where I listen it to it so loud that I can't hear anyone complain about it lol)! When I'm not blasting the hillbilly tracks, I love getting involved on campus. I am currently a Teaching Assistant for two courses in the Faculty of Business and a director for the Business Student Association.

  • Faculty: Business & Campus Saint Jean
  • Major / Minor: Operations Management / Management Information Systems
  • Why Alpha Gam?: I went Alpha Gam in 2016! I wanted to become an Alpha Gam because I was looking for genuine friendships. By favourite part of chapter is that it is filled with such different and amazing girls. Everyone has such wildly different passions and interest
  • Contact: agd.dk.pres@gmail.com
officer Kylie Day

Kylie Day

VP Chapter Wellness

I joined Alpha Gam in the Fall of 2016. My dearest love is fashion and costuming, and I will never pass up an opportunity to watch how it comes to life in film and on stage. I will also gladly wander a museum for hours, or talk about books for just as long.

  • Faculty: Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences
  • Major / Minor: Major: Clothing, Textiles and Material Culture; Minor: Material Culture and Design Studies
  • Why Alpha Gam?: I joined Alpha Gam looking for a community where I would be accepted for who I am. My sisters have not only shown me unconditional love and support, but have helped me grow as a person.
  • Contact: agd.dk.vpchapterwellness@gmail.com
officer Jing Huang

Jing Huang

VP Administration

I'm an avid baker who also has a bit of a sweet tooth but when I'm not eating, I'm usually running around from meeting to meeting. I'm currently VP Internal on Panhellenic and I volunteer at the hospital and coaching my high school's trivia team. Additionally I work in a lab where I'm working on the causes of Huntington Disease.

  • Faculty: Science
  • Major / Minor: Honours Pharmacology
  • Why Alpha Gam?: I love how diverse our chapter is, all of my sisters never fail to amaze me with the crazy things they're involved in. Additionally, I can't ask for any better cheerleaders; it doesn't matter if I'm happy or sad, it's always better when I'm with my A
  • Contact: agd.dk.vpad@gmail.com
officer Kora Davis

Kora Davis

VP Finance

I joined chapter Winter 2018! When I'm not spending time with my sisters or drowning in school work I love yoga, reading, being outdoors, baking, and trying new things. I've also caught the travel bug having just spent a term studying abroad in Singapore.

  • Faculty: Secondary Education
  • Major / Minor: Math and Social Studies
  • Why Alpha Gam?: I joined Alpha Gam because the minute I walked through the doors I felt like I'd found my home away from home. I'm eternally grateful to have such an empowering group of women cheering me on and pushing me to be better. Alpha Gam has provided me with
  • Contact: agd.dk.vpfinance@gmail.com
officer Emily Ropchan

Emily Ropchan

VP Academic Excellence

I joined Alpha Gam in 2015. I enjoy dancing, singing, and farmer’s markets! I am involved in schools around Edmonton volunteering in classrooms.

  • Faculty: Education
  • Major / Minor: Elementary
  • Why Alpha Gam?: Alpha Gam means support and family. The friendships I have gained from Alpha Gam and my time in the Greek community have made my university experience memorable, and they have become some of my best friends.
  • Contact: agd.dk.vpacademic@gmail.com
officer Rachel Papulkas

Rachel Papulkas

VP Recruitment

Hi, I'm Rachel! I hope to one day publish a book, and see myself on the big screen. Also, if you're ever in need of a good book recommendation, I'm the one to ask!

  • Faculty: Arts
  • Major/Minor: Psychology & Creative Writing
  • Why Alpha Gam?: I've created lifelong bonds with my sisters. It has become a new home away from home, and I can't wait to see where this journey takes me next!
  • Contact: agd.dk.vprecruitment@gmail.com
officer Ashtyn Wadden

Ashtyn Wadden

VP New Member Experience

I joined Alpha Gam in the fall of 2017. I joined in hopes of finding my forever friends #girlgang and becoming involved in something bigger than myself. I’m a small town girl who absolutely loves the outdoors; the mountains are my favourite place. I love reading, dogs, and trying new things. I’m currently a member of the Ualberta Figure Skating Club and enjoy volunteering my time conducting excercise class for older adults and working one I one with individuals with dementia.

  • Faculty: Science
  • Major / Minor: Biology and Psychology
  • Why Alpha Gam?: I love being in chapter because I’ve found where I belong; I’m surrounded by the love and support of my 50 sisters and a can’t even explain what an incredibly special thing that is. Being apart of a group of women who empower and encourage one anothe
  • Contact: agd.dk.vpnewmember@gmail.com
officer Mariam Hosseiny

Mariam Hosseiny

VP Event Planning

Hi everyone! I joined Alpha Gam last year and I am so thankful that I did. Alpha Gam gave me so much love and happiness and motivation, life would kinda suck without it. My hobbies are reading the New Yorker to procrastinate, swimming, and painting. I’m very interested in international politics and film making , and hope to work in either field someday! Outside of Alpha Gam I’m involved in student governance as an arts councillor, VP events for the Political Science Undergraduate Association (because I love planning events) and the SU Finance Committee.

  • Faculty: Arts
  • Major / Minor: Political Sciences and Psychology
  • Why Alpha Gam?: I have received encouragement, support and love from all my sisters. I have done things I never imagined doing before alpha gam and met some of my best friends in chapter!
  • Contact: agd.dk.vpeventplanning@gmail.com
officer Rachel Mills

Rachel Mills

VP Philanthropy

I initiated into Alpha Gam in the Fall of 2017. Outside of Alpha Gam, I love to volunteer in my community in any capacity that I am able to. I love helping others and making a difference in my community. In my free time, I love to read, write, hang out with friends and spend time with dogs - particularly corgis.

  • Faculty: Arts
  • Major/Minor: Political Science & Sociology
  • Why Alpha Gam?: I joined Alpha Gam because I was looking for a community of inspiring and powerful women that I hadn't been able to find anywhere else. Ever since the moment I first joined chapter, I have felt loved and supported by my sisters. I love the unconditio
  • Contact: agd.dk.vpphilanthropy@gmail.com
officer Marina Pinto

Marina Pinto

VP Marketing

Hey there! My name's Marina, I'm a 4th year Psychology Major and I joined Alpha Gam this previous year! I'm originally from Brazil and have moved around a lot during my life, so that being said, I'm very passionate about travelling and getting to know other cultures! I also love music, animals, and getting tattoos hehe. I'm so grateful for Alpha Gam and my new sisters for becoming my home away from home, my UofA experience would not be the same without them.

  • Faculty: Science
  • Major/Minor: Psychology and Biology
  • Why Alpha Gam?: I chose Alpha Gam because when I got to know the girls during recruitment, I felt myself surrounded by real, genuine, strong, visionary and kind women! They were girls I saw myself enjoying being around, becoming friends with, and learning so much fr
  • Contact: agd.dk.vpmarketing@gmail.com
officer Kalie Tulhan

Kalie Tulhan

VP Member Experience

I joined Alpha Gam fall of 2017. I am a huge lover of dance and can see me out swing dancing Saturday nights. I also enjoy spending time with sisters and growing bonds.

  • Faculty: Arts
  • Major / Minor: Double Major Linguistics and Drama
  • Why Alpha Gam?: I joined Alpha Gam because I was wanting to find a support system of diverse people. I have found since initiating a group of girls to call some of my closest friends, who love and support me and push to my limits.
  • Contact: agd.dk.vpmemberexp@gmail.com
officer Sherry Lee

Sherry Lee

VP Campus Relations

I joined Alpha Gam September of 2017! I’m also a teacher at a private drama studio for kids ages 6-10, helping out with classes that focus on performance arts. My two kitties are my entire world!

  • Faculty: Arts
  • Major / Minor: Sociology / Classics
  • Why Alpha Gam?: All of the most important people to me now wouldn’t have come into my life had it not been for joining Alpha Gam. I have learned invaluable leadership skills and life lessons through my sorority and I am so grateful for that!
  • Contact: agd.dk.vpcampusrelations@gmail.com
officer Danielle Burrill

Danielle Burrill

Director of Property

I joined chapter in fall of 2015. When school is not taking over my life I enjoy Netflix, crafting, going on hikes and hiking across convention floors. Don’t get me wrong though, I love my university and work as a Senior Peer Advisor with InfoLink, helping my peers with questions and directions. When I’m not doing any of that I’m volunteering with CASA and YRAP.

  • Faculty: Arts
  • Major/Minor: Psychology and Sociology
  • Why Alpha Gam?: I joined Alpha Gam for the community and instead I got a family. My sisters have been there through it all and because of their strength and support I’ve grown into a confident leader knowing they’re there to catch me if I fall.
  • Contact: agd.dk.propertydirector@gmail.com
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