Alpha Gamma Delta

Delta Kappa Chapter at University of Alberta


       Being an Alpha Gam means sharing sisterhood with amazing women. It means having access to fantastic scholastic resources and having a place to call home. Being an Alpha Gam also means having the opportunity to branch out and meet tons of new people and do amazing new things! During Fall Term we debut ourselves at Open House for anyone in the area to come by and meet all of the Alpha Gam ladies. We hand out tons of food and give house tours throughout the evening. On the last Friday of Fall term we put on our “Mocktails” event: an evening where we invite other chapters on campus to our house and put them up to a themed mystery-based challenge and serve them virgin cocktails for the night. We also host Parents’ Tea events and a Buffet Luncheon after our Fall Initiations to get social with everyone’s parents and siblings!
​      Greek God and Goddess is an event where all Greek chapters at UAlberta choreograph a dance and perform a musical routine to attempt taking home the trophy (Greeks LOVE trophies) and Alpha Gamma Delta has been the reigning Goddess for three consecutive years running! The Greek community on campus also hosts Greek Week each year which is a week long event with a variety of themed challenges; Alpha Gam enjoys participating in this every year!
​      Us Alpha Gams also love the opportunity to meet members of the Greek community so we hold exchanges. Exchanges are events hosted by two chapters where we go out and do something fun and new. Whether it is a paint night, baking, nature walks, skating, etc., exchanges are an amazing way to network and meet other Greeks in the community!
​      All year round Alpha Gam prides herself on being a part of all major philanthropic events of other Greek houses on campus. Greeks have a knack for racking in donations with their exuberant events. In our own endeavours we host a week long Purpose Week during Winter in support of the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation for Diabetes Research and Awareness.
     The bash to end them all happens at Winter Formal (the Pearl Ball) where we eat and dance the night away dressed to the nines celebrating the attainments of the Delta Kappa chapter in the past year. It is always a blast!